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Applications of Transformational Change

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We invite you to participate as a researcher for finding and adding resources on transformational change.   This is a dynamic tool for you to add information you find to your FW 311 individual group's wiki as you do research for class projects (click on the "Sidebar" located on the right in the "View" mode--select the appropriate Class Wiki).  We encourage you to share not only titles (for example, the citation of a journal article, a book, a blog, or title of a digital media stream), but also the places you found the resources and the search strategies you found useful, as we have in the links below. Students will post to the topic areas on the sidebar located on the right.


Required Assignment Materials:


Measuring the Immeasurable: The Scientific Case for Spirituality. (2008). Boulder, CO: Sounds True Publishers.  Read the following:

Lipton, B. H. Revealing the Wizard Behind the Curtain: The "New" Biology and Epigenetics, pp. 185-199.

Schlitz, M. M., Vieten, C., & Amorok, T. Living Deeply: The Art of Science and Transformation in Everyday Life, pp. 439-457.


Supplementary Resource Materials:




 Davis, J. M., Cooke, S. M.  (2007).  Educating for a healthy, sustainable world: an argument for integrating Health Promoting Schools and Sustainable Schools.  Health Promotion International, 22 (4), pp. 346-353.  8p, 1 chart; DOI: 10.1093/heapro/dam030; (AN 27993537)

Abstract: Al Gore's movie An Inconvenient Truth and the British government's Stern Review of the economics of climate change have provided heightened awareness of how humans are over-stretching the Earth's life support systems. The health of human populations and the health of global ecosystems are inextricably linked and the need for fundamental changes in how we live is becoming impossible to ignore. While not the complete answer, education must be a part of imagining and transforming our patterns of living. Learning embedded in educational systems derived from worldviews that replicate unhealthy and unsustainable lifestyles and environments is not a part of the solution but a significant part of the problem. In Australia, two internationally implemented whole-school reform movements, health promoting schools (HPS) and sustainable schools (SS)--seek to provide ways of operationalizing transformative educational processes. Both movements aim to build resilience and optimism, use action-oriented teaching and learning approaches, and have a focus on the future. While these two approaches to educational and social change have much in common, currently there is virtually no conversation between their proponents and advocates. This paper makes a case for HPS and SS to work together--both theoretically and practically--with the ultimate goal being the emergence of schools that are both green and healthy. Such integration would make an important educational contribution to the creation of a healthy, sustainable world.

Search strategy: global and health and transformative and change, limited to peer reviewed, in Academic Search Premier.

To read the Full Text, click on "Check for Full Text" on this page and then click the Request It link.


Schlitz, M., Vieten, C., & Miller, E. M. (2010). Worldview transformation and the development of social consciousness. Journal Of Consciousness Studies, 17(7-8), 18-36. Abstract: In this paper, we examine how increasing understanding and explicit awareness of social consciousness can develop through transformations in worldview. Based on a model that emerged from a series of qualitative and quantitative studies on worldview transformation, we identify five developmental levels of social consciousness: embedded, self-reflexive, engaged, collaborative, and resonant. As a persons worldview transforms, awareness can expand to include each of these levels, leading to enhanced prosocial experiences and behaviours. Increased social consciousness can in turn stimulate further transformations in worldview. We then consider an educational curriculum to facilitate the understanding of worldview and the cultivation of social consciousness as core capacities for twenty-first century students and global citizens.

Search strategy: transformation AND consciousness PsycINFO.

To read the Full Text, click on "Check for Full Text" on this page and then click the Request It link.





Media in Public Domain:


Marilyn Schlitz, PhD: Studying Healing in the Laboratory. YouTube video. 4 min. 27 seconds. In this segment, Marilyn discusses some of the protocols and evaluative methods used to bring studies on healing into the laboratory


DVDs you can check out from Cline Library:


Consciousness & healing: integral approaches to mind-body medicine. DVD format. Marilyn Schlitz;  Tina Amorok;  Marc S Micozzi. 2005. Philadelphia, Pa. : Elsevier Churchill Livingstone. ISBN: 9789996004469 (DVD) 9996004465 (DVD)


Living deeply: transformative practices from the world's wisdom traditions. DVD format. Marilyn Schlitz;  Tina Amorok;  Cassandra Vieten. 2007. 126 min. Oakland, CA : New Harbinger Publications, ; ISBN: 1572245395 9781572245396


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