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Getting Started Resources for Building Your Class Wikis


Places to Search for Information for Your Wiki Topics



Introduction: We on the Cline Library's Health and Human Services Team invite you to join us in co-creating this Transformational Change wiki.  The synergy of sharing research discovered in this wiki will facilitate completion of course work for this class. We hope it will encourage your sense of inquiry as content is created, read, evaluated, reflected on, and integrated inside and outside of this class.


The purposes of this wiki are to:


  • Empower you to participate as a researcher for finding and adding resources on transformational change to complete collaborative assignments.   This is a dynamic tool for you to add titles to your HS 301 individual group's wiki as you do research for class projects. Your class project wikis are located on the right in the Sidebar. To collaborate, click on your assigned class project wiki.  We encourage you to share not only titles (for example, the citation of a journal article, a book, a blog, or title of a digital media stream), but also the places you found the resources and search strategies you used. Examples we found can be found in the topic links below.  
  • Provide Places to Search for Information for Your Wiki Topics.

  • Provide samples of resources located in each of the topic links below to support your learning related to Transformational Change.  Our Team has included examples of resources on each class topic, as well as search words and the databases we searched. 


In the sections below, you will see samples of resources that we have located that are relevant to the course topic.  The following topics align with your course syllabus:


Email us at Library.Health@nau.edu if you have any questions about searching, locating, or accessing resources for your wikis.

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