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Practice of Visioning

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We invite you to participate as a researcher for finding and adding resources on transformational change.   This is a dynamic tool for you to add information you find to your FW 311 individual group's wiki as you do research for class projects (click on the "Sidebar" located on the right in the "View" mode--select the appropriate Class Wiki).  We encourage you to share not only titles (for example, the citation of a journal article, a book, a blog, or title of a digital media stream), but also the places you found the resources and the search strategies you found useful, as we have in the links below. Students will post to the topic areas on the sidebar located on the right.


Required Assignment Materials:


Read the material on the Model on the Strategic Visioning Process at the link below.  

Click on the Strategic Visioning Presentation below the model and view slides 1-4.


Grove Consultants International.  Strategic Visioning Process.  




Read Chapter 6 from the link below:


National Civic League Press. (2000).  Chapter 6: Developing a Community Vision and Selecting and Evaluating Key Performance (pp. 35-41).  The Community Visioning and Strategic Planning Handbook, 3rd ed.  (Scroll down to Chapter 6 in the Handbook.)




Read the information at the link below:


Capacchione, L.   Based on the book: Visioning: Ten Steps to Designing the Life of your Dreams.





Watch the visualization at the link below:


YouTube and blog: Empowering Visualization (5:11 Minutes)




Supplementary Resource Materials:




Electronic Books from Cline Library:


The body within: art, medicine and visualization. Edited by edited by RenĂ©e van de Vall, Robert Zwijnenberg. Leiden [Netherlands] ; Boston : Brill, 2009. Access ebook.


Print book form Cline Library: 


Handbook of therapeutic imagery techniques / editor, Anees A. Sheikh.  (2002). Amityville, N.Y. : Baywood Pub. Co.,

Cline Library Book stacks: RC489.F35 H36 2002  Search strategy: keyword search in Cline Library catalog: health transformation

Chapters: Imagination in disease and healing processes : a historical perspective / Carol E. McMahon and Anees A. Sheikh -- Relaxing images in hypnobehavioral therapy / W. S. Kroger and W. D. Fezler -- Visualization techniques and altered states of consciousness / Errol R. Korn -- Imagery in autogenic training / Anees A. Sheikh and Karen Jacobsen -- Imagery-related techniques in neuro-linguistic programming / Melissa J. Klein ... [et al.] -- Imagery techniques in cognitive behavior treatments of anxiety and trauma / Robert J. Lueger -- Imagery rescripting therapy for trauma survivors with PTSD / Mervin R. Smucker, Jo Weis, and Brad Grunert -- Imagery scripts for changing lifestyle patterns / Jeanne Achterberg, Barbara Dossey, and Leslie Kolkmeier -- Imagery exercises for health / Gerald Epstein -- Imagery techniques in the work of Maxwell Maltz -- M. Michael Ishii -- The oneirotherapies / Nancy C. Much and Anees A. Sheikh -- Eidetic psychotherapy techniques / Anees A. Sheikh -- Techniques in psycho-imagination therapy / Joseph E. Shorr -- Imagery techniques in the work of Mike and Nancy Samuels / John S. Kruck -- Gendlin's focusing techniques / Julie H. Tynion -- Imagery techniques in emotive reconstructive therapy / James K. Morrison -- Imagery in the work of Ira Progoff / LaRee D. Naviaux -- Animal imagery, the Chakra system, and psychotherapy / Eligio Stephen Gallegos -- Tsubo imagery psychotherapy / Seiichi Tajima and Gosaku Naruse -- Conception imagery exercise : journey to beginning / Beverly Carol Stokes and Louis Stokes -- Images and depth psychology : the legacy of Carl Jung / Dorothy Sawyer -- Imagery techniques in psychosynthesis / L. Martin Moleski, M. Michael Ishii, and Anees A. Sheikh -- Imagery techniques in the work of Jean Houston / Shirley Bankier -- Transformational fantasy / John T. Shaffer -- Good health imaging / Anees A. Sheikh and Katharina S. Sheikh -- Guided meditation / Ram Dass and Stephen Levine -- Imagery-related meditations / Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan -- Imagery and the conquest of time : selected therapeutic techniques from various sources / Sundar Ramaswami -- Techniques to enhance imaging ability / Anees A. Sheikh, Katharina S. Sheikh, and L. Martin Moleski.    


Capacchione, L. (2000).  Visioning: Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams. Tarcher (Publisher).

The ten steps of Visioning are a road map to the creative process applied to health, relationships, career, home, and other areas of life.  Visioning follows the same rules that inspire professional designers and demonstrates how anyone can use them in everyday living.  Readers learn how to apply her blueprint to their individual lives, from making a wish through "creative chaos" to realizing personal goals and dreams. With easy-to-follow and playful hands-on art activities and time-tested techniques, readers effectively grasp how to visualize their true heart's desires. ISBN:1585420123 

Search strategy: Visioning. through google/ Amazon.com




Digital Media Available In the Public Domain:


YouTube and blog: Empowering Visualization (5:11 Minutes)



YouTube and blog: Quick & Effective Creative Visualization by Lilou Mace (4:27 Minutes)



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