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Welcome! A Summary Of Our Page

Page history last edited by Student 9 years, 6 months ago

The Practice of Meditation: A Beginners Link to a Meditative Experience!

(Created by Sara Lira & Tiffany Brown)


     Just as the title of our site suggests our wiki page is a collaboration and compilation of materials and resources that will help one explore the concept of meditation.  Meditation implies a variety of definitions, techniques, and reasons for engaging in the practice in the first place.  It is our wish that our page is an organized, self-guided collection of materials that will help anyone explore this popular practice and all that it encompasses!

            There are a variety of media clips, peer-reviewed articles, books, and websites that are suggested in our page that contain three main recurring themes about mediation.  The first would definitely be an overall exploration of the definition of meditation.  Meditation can be defined in a lot of different ways and utilized by people from all walks of life.  Many of our websites, articles, and books posted offer everything from the Buddhists philosophy of meditation to a definition for the common man in everyday language.  Next, would have to be the “how to” theme.  Our site wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include tips and techniques of how one should begin their meditative process!  A lot of the books and media compiled on our page will offer detailed instructions and tips that will help anyone learn the basics of mediation and where to start.  Lastly, our page suggests a multitude of ways in which meditation is seen as beneficial.  Not only can this theme be found in our suggested websites, but the majority of our peer-reviewed articles focus on the many studies that aim to prove in which ways meditation can be a beneficial practice. 

            This project of collecting a variety of materials and information for a wiki page has been an interesting creative journey.  We hope that everyone is able to benefit from exploring our materials on meditation and will be able to understand its many definitions, find useful techniques, and understand the many benefits from its practice. Enjoy!



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