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The Practice of Mindfulness (Tiffany Vache and Jason Sullivan)

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The Practice of Mindfulness 


By Tiffany Vache and Jason Sullivan




Great video on the topic of mind and mindfulness. (Jason Sullivan)

Kabat-Zinn, D. J. (2010, May 4). Life is right now - Jon Kabat-Zinn on Mindfulness. Retrieved February 17, 2012, from www.youtube.com:





According to the article, Black references Dr. Jon Kabat-­‐Zinn's definition of mindfulness as  “paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgementally”  (Jason Sullivan)

Black, D. S. (2011). A Brief Definition of Mindfulness. Retrieved February 17, 2012, from mindfulexperience.org:                   



Mindfulness training in 8 weeeks. (Tiffany Vaché)

Massachusetts General Hospital (2011, January 21). Mindfulness meditation training changes brain structure in eight weeks. ScienceDaily.



Tree of Practices

The Tree of Contemplative Practices demonstrates the connections and common roots of an assortment of contemplative practices.

Duerr, M., & Bergman, C. (n.d). Tree of Contemplative Practices [Poster]. Retrieved from www.contemplativemind.org (Tiffany Vaché)


Peer Reviewed Journals

The Power of Being Present: The Value of Mindfulness Interventions in Improving Health and Well-Being. (Tiffany Vaché)



The article presents an general idea of mindfulness training, reports on the positive impact that mindfulness interventions can have on health and well-being and discusses research conducted to examine the physical and psychological impact of mindfulness.

Conn, V. S. (2011, December). The Power of Being Present: The Value of Mindfulness Interventions in Improving Health and Well-Being. Western Journal of Nursing Research, 33, 993-995. Retrieved from http://libproxy.nau.edu:3402/ehost/detail?sid=db98a546-13de-4d63-839f-eea2a78c8641%40sessionmgr115&vid=2&hid=108








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