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Copy of "T" Practice of Bodywork Class Wiki

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The Practice of Bodywork

Kristine Dewey & Genaro Rodriguez




Bodywork: Transformers

The idea behind the Bodywork Wiki is to use all the information of modern and traditional practices from the United States and various other countries such as China to establish the idea that the body truly works in harmony with the mind and spirit. Bodywork is a blended idea of mind, body and spirit to develop a healthy lifestyle. Bodywork moves toward this healthy lifestyle idea through exercise, proper nutrition and deep personal reflection or emotional healing. The ancient Chinese used Tai chi and Qi gong to stimulate the mind and body. Tai Chi and Qi gong is used to restore Chi which is also known as the body’s harmonic balance of hot vs. cold and dark vs. light. Native Americans believe the spirit balances everything and only through living a balanced life can harmony grow. We researched and developed this Wiki through a typical western philosophical idea and through some of my knowledge of Southeast Asia and traditional approaches at medicine.

Bodywork is also part of the body’s nutritional intake and balance. Developing a new philosophy for today’s busy lifestyles and world of unbalanced nutrition is difficult for many. Hippocrates was an ancient Greek and believed to be the first doctor; Hippocrates said “Our food should be our medicine, and our medicine should be our food." Water is vital and important because nearly 60% of our bodies are composed of water and the human brain consists of 70% water. You can understand now why many consider water our life blood and vital to our mental health. In today’s society we are overwhelmed with soda, fruit juices and sports drinks comprised of high fructose corn syrup and we often overlook drinking plain ole water! The three key themes of our Bodywork Wiki is Body, Mind and Spirit.


Body- The balance and harmony through natural stimulation and hormonal release is documented in many of our research materials. The health benefits to our cardiovascular system through exercise and stress reduction can never be overstated.


Mind- The deep emotional balance of yoga, tai chi, and Qi gong are some of the ways to harmonically stabilize our thoughts. These three exercise practices help align a person through balanced breathing and deep inner peacefulness.


Spirit-The human spirit is in a constant state of onslaught by society and its challenges. Job pressure, school pressure, and family needs are always difficult for people living at the speed of sound. We will explore and learn more in this Wiki and try to find new ways to control the level of stress and pressure's of life. We will work to balance and align our spirit with the natural order of our environment.

(Genaro Rodriguez)




Electronic Books from Cline Library:


Simpkins, Annellen M. Simpkins, C. Alexander. Meditation and Yoga in Psychotherapy: Techniques for Clinical Practice. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, 2011. http://libproxy.nau.edu:2180/lib/nau/docDetail.action?docID=10452120 (Kristine Dewey)


  •  This book describes yoga as not just a set of postures, but rather a method used to overcome suffering. Yoga enables the mind to reach a higher consciousness that is developed through the body. Using the body, the breath, and the mind, the practice of yoga improves regulation of the mind-brain-body system. (Kristine Dewey)



Mellish, Martin. Tai Chi Imagery Workbook: Spirit, Intent, and Motion. London, GBR: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2011. 

http://libproxy.nau.edu:2180/lib/nau/docDetail.action?docID=10482088 (Kristine Dewey)


  • This book serves as great introduction into the essence of Tai Chi. Using tai chi to practice relaxation, alignment, grounding, openness, and awareness allows for our bodies to adjust themselves and for practices such as these to become natural to us. (Kristine Dewey)



Kollak, Ingrid Utz-Billing, Isabell. Yoga and Breast Cancer: A Journey to Health and Healing. New York, NY: Dermos Medical Publishing, 2010. http://libproxy.nau.edu:2180/lib/nau/docDetail.action?docID=10445374 (Kristine Dewey)


  • This book explains the power of yoga and how it can transform and improve people's lives. Even those with cancer can experience a realistic sense of well-being and enhanced joy with the health improvements that they see from performing yoga. (Kristine Dewey)



Kumar, Ramesh. (2008). Yoga- A gateway to curb social evils. Delhi, India. Global media publishing (2008). http://libproxy.nau.edu:2180/lib/nau/docDetail.action?docID=10416210 ( Genaro Rodriguez)


  •  This book takes a look at using YOGA to establish self character development, controlling lust and sexual desires for women, wealth and wine. It describes using yoga to control addictions such a tobacco and drugs and controlling violence and anger. The section on stress management can be useful to everyone, young and old. (Genaro Rodriguez)



Sollars, David. The Complete idiots guide to accupuncuture and acupressure. Indianapolis, IN. Macmillan USA pearson education publishing (2000).


  • A refreshing and funny way to see the use of alternative medicine. The book is very detailed in the application and use of Accupuncture and acupressure. (Genaro Rodriguez)



Wainapel, Stanley F.  Fast, Avital. Alternative Medicine and Rehabilitation: A guide for practitioners.New York, NY. Demos medical publishing, Inc. (2002). http://libproxy.nau.edu:2180/lib/nau/docDetail.action?docID=10118505&p00=alternative%20medicine%20rehabilitation (Genaro Rodriguez)


  • This is a very good book with a great amount of resource material and useful amounts of peer reviewed methods and documentation. (Genaro Rodriguez)


Media Elements


One-Moment Meditation: "How to Meditate in a Moment" (March 2nd, 2011). Video retrieved from

http://youtu.be/F6eFFCi12v8. (Kristine Dewey)

This video is wonderful for anyone looking to relax in everyday stressful situations. All you need is a minute! (Kristine Dewey)


Health Benefits of Massage Therapy (October 26th, 2011). Video retrieved from http://youtu.be/70s4oKenTus. (Kristine Dewey)

This video is a simple, yet very informative video listing all of the benefits that massage therapy has to offer. (Kristine Dewey)


Yoga Breathing for beginners (April 12th, 2009). Video retrieved from http://youtu.be/VS-9fXmUt-c. (Kristine Dewey)

This video is a great tool to use for beginning yoga. They demonstrate a beginner breathing routine, which any breathing routine is especially important in any type of yoga! (Kristine Dewey)


Bodyworks- Maslow's hierarchy of needs video, humanistic psychology. (September 19,2011). video retrieved from


Informative video describing what we really need to be healthy and happy.(Genaro Rodriguez)


Introduction to Bodyworks: What is bodyworks?(April 27, 2011) Video retrieved from: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8fKruXzfNM

This video is very good for the beginner and what the program of Bodyworks is. This video and commentary describes what it means to develop healthy eating habits, lifestyle changes and family interaction. (Genaro Rodriguez)



Media element Visual chart of bodyworks exercise! (Genaro Rodriguez)

" target="">

(Genaro Rodriguez)


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles


Blake, H., Batson, M. Exercise intervention in brain injury: a pilot randomized study of Tai Chi Qigong. Clinical Rehabilitation; Jul2009, Vol. 23 Issue 7, p589-598.


(Kristine Dewey)

  • For eight weeks individuals with traumatic brain injury's attended a Qi Gong exercise session. After practicing for one hour a day over the eight week period, participants experienced improvements in self esteem and mood, indicating that an intervention program with Qi Gong as its focus may increase mood and self esteem. (Kristine Dewey)


Chaoul, Alejandro, Cohen, M. Rethinking Yoga and the Application of Yoga in Modern Medicine. Cross Currents; Jun2010, Vol. 60 Issue 2, p144-167.

http://libproxy.nau.edu/login?url=http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=a9h&AN=50892036&login.asp&site=ehost-live&scope=site (Kristine Dewey)

  • This article addresses many aspects of yoga and how it relates to modern medicine. Yoga is examined and compared to other mind-body practices such as tai chi and qi gong. This article also addresses the research that has been done with the mind-body connection associated with yoga, and the application of such techniques in the treatment of cancer. (Kristine Dewey)


Weerapong, Pornratshanee, Hume, Patria A., and Kolt, Gregory S. The Mechanisms of Massage and Effects on Performance, Muscle Recovery and Injury Prevention. Sports Medicine; 2005, Vol. 35 Issue 3, p235-256.

http://libproxy.nau.edu/login?url=http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=a9h&AN=16266121&login.asp&site=ehost-live&scope=site (Kristine Dewey)

  • Massage therapy can provide increased range of joint motion, increased blood flow, reduction in anxiety, and promote the relaxation response. Massage is believed to help enhance recovery and prepare athletes for sporting events. Most research on the physiological effects of massage has produced results that found positive effects on muscle recovery. Research has also shown that massage after exercise reduces muscle soreness. More research needs to be done on possible mechanisms of massage and this article describes the limitations of previous research that has been done. (Kristine Dewey)


Frishman, W., Weintraub, M., & Micozzi, M. (2005). Complementary and integrative therapies for cardiovascular disease. Missouri: Mosby.

  • Discussion what is part of the reason people develop heart disease. This includes lifestyle changes and mood disorders. Useful information into the world of changing ourselves to become healthier more productive people.(Genaro Rodriguez)


Ali, S., Garg, S. K., Cohen, B. E., Bhave, P., Harris, W. S., & Whooley, M. A. (2009). Association between Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Depressive Symptoms among Patients with Established Coronary Artery Disease: Data from the Heart and Soul Study. Psychotherapy Psychosomatics , 78 (2) 125-127. (Genaro Rodriguez)

  • Data that confirms eating a healthy well balanced diet has increased neurological benefits and avoidence of depressive symptoms in patients suffering from CAD. (Genaro Rodriguez)


Warber S, Cornelio D, Straughn J, Kile G. Biofield energy healing from the inside. J Alternative Complement Med. 2004; 10(6):1107-13.

(Genaro Rodriguez)


Warber SL, Ingerman S, Moura VL, Wunder J, Northrop A, Gillespie BW, Durda K, Smith K,Rhodes K, Rubinfire M. Healing the heart: A randomized pilot study of a spiritual retreat for depression in acute coronary syndrome patients. Explore:J Sci Heal. 2011; 7(4):222-33.

(Genaro Rodriguez)


National Qigong Association. (2004). International Journal of Neuroscience 114[7], 777-86. Using Qigong for a healthy lifestyle. (May 2007). Article uploaded from the internet to Wiki database.

  • The art of Qigong is ancient and useful in today's wold of alternative medicine. Studies have shown that people are able to lower their blood pressure with the Qigong method. Qigong for health.pdf  (Genaro Rodriguez)


Yoga and bodyworks. (March 2007). Article uploaded form the internet to Wiki database.

  • I am not a fan of yoga but after reading this article I've become very interested in trying yoga as a form of rehab and stress relief. If pain can be reduced through some of the techniques in the article then I believe it's worth a try. yoga and back pain.pdf  (Genaro Rodriguez)




Mayo Clinic Staff. Tai Chi: Discover the many possible health benefits. Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, Nov. 14th, 2009. Web. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/tai-chi/SA00087 (Kristine Dewey)

  • Tai Chi is an ancient art which incorporates gentle, flowing movements to reduce stress and improve health. Tai Chi originally came from ancient China as a use for self-defense. However, Tai Chi has progressed into a a graceful type of exercise used to help with many health conditions. There are over 100 movements and postures available with tai chi, all of which are named after animals. Tai Chi is safe for all ages, regardless of strength. (Kristine Dewey) 


Yoga Journal Editors. Which Yoga is right for you?  Cruz Bay Publising Inc. Webhttp://www.yogajournal.com/lifestyle/2984 (Kristine Dewey)

  • Not sure which yoga is right for you? There are hundreds of styles, and this website serves as a helpful guide to explain what each type of yoga is about, what to expect, and many different centers where certain types of yoga are offered. (Kristine Dewey)


Weil, Andrew M.D. Breathing: Three Exercises. Well Lifestyle, LLC. Webhttp://www.drweil.com/drw/u/ART00521/three-breathing-exercises.html (Kristine Dewey)

  • Breathing correctly is an extremely important part of yoga, tai chi, qi gong, and also an important part of maintaining health and wellness. This website explains three breathing exercises aimed at helping stress-related health problems ranging from panic attacks to digestive disorders. These three exercises will help you relax and achieve a clear state of mind! (Kristine Dewey)


Bodyworks Integrative Health, LLC: A Company that developed a total Bodyworks health program.  Internet site.  http://bodyworksintegrativehealth.com/ (Genaro Rodriguez)

  • This website is very useful and has plenty of information for a person interested in bodyworks. The website is comprised of various information in the art of bodyworks.

          (Genaro Rodriguez)


Psych Truth website: Bodywork website designed for todays modern person. Web: http://www.psychetruth.net/ (Genaro Rodriguez)

  • Found this website and did some research concerning the use of Nutrition, weight loss, fitness and workouts to balance a person in a natural environment. I didn't like the massage or psychology section and found the alternative medicine a little on the nutty side but all in all there is a lot of useful information in the other sections.

          (Genaro Rodriguez)


Body Works Family sports center.  Welcome to bodyworks. Creating positive, uplifting, fun and meaningful encounters  that people will want to recreate or know more about, any time anyone comes in contact with a part of Bodyworks Web:           http://www.gobodyworks.com

  •  This website looks like it is integrating the mind body and soul. It is a fitness location that has a physical address as well as important information online for the whole family. This place is unique in that it incorporates god into the whole       spiritual plan.

           (Genaro Rodriguez)





Original Creation (Kristine Dewey) 


     There are many disciplines of bodywork. This wiki focuses on the disciplines of yoga accompanied by proper breathing techniques and meditation, ancient art forms such as tai chi and qi gong, and massage therapy. Bodywork is essential for good health and well being. Yoga, as well as tai chi and qi gong, all improve flexibility, increase strength for the mind and body, reduce stress, and improve concentration and posture. Massage therapy not only promotes relaxation, its benefits range from treating chronic disease and injuries to alleviating the stresses that accompany our everyday lives. An overall sense of accomplishment, happiness and joy can all be achieved through bodywork! (Kristine Dewey) 


This picture was taken prior to the Tough mudder 2012 race. It is a 12.5 mile obstacle course race developed by elite special forces units. Everyone pictured is or was part of the service and are veterans actively involved in healing wounded warriors or working on projects to help benefit wounded warriors. My idea of Body works is that the human body will follow where the mind leads it, therefore we must always remember that our bodies may be injured but our mind will aid in the recovery. If the wounded warriors suffer TBI (traumatic brain injury), then I believe our bodies will help aid in the recovery process and bring a sense of normalcy back to the injured through physical activity using loco-motive skills to help the brain recover balance, coordination and self esteem. (Genaro Rodriguez)

Original Creation: Operation Save a Veteran. Participation in the Tough Mudder 2012. Benefit the wounded warriors project. (Genaro Rodriguez)



Summary practice reflection by Trish Truong

     I choice the yoga practice is my second selection. After few weeks practicing, I am very proud of myself. In the end, I am happy that I choice a right practice for myself. ”.  I love how the yoga teacher Hari Kirin Khalsa says about yoga, “when you’re under stress, you’re contracted and fearful. Everything is black and while. You are not intuitive; you are instinctive. You can’t think outside the box. But by practicing yoga, you can shift out of that stressful state and connect with your imaginative, spacious self. Yoga opens up the flow of creativity, the unfurling of the creator within”.

     For me, yoga gives us control of ourselves. It helps cut through the layers of mis-identities that arise in response to our actions, experiences and feelings. It calms the frenzy, clears the clutter and allows us to get back in touch with ourselves. Yoga can change our life. It helps me reduce stress, increase flexibility, improve balance, promote strength. yoga is all about balance, using the techniques of various stretching, breathing, movement, balance, meditative, and strength practice. Using the technology of yoga regularly, it helps me experience improvement to the physical body, deeper understanding of the mind and a freedom to the spirit. Through a greater understanding of myself ; and how I respond and operate in the world I can make great strides in choices I make that not only impact my own health, but affect my relationship with others. However, the regular practice of yoga works with habit patterns that have previously developed that may be undermining my health and well-being.

     One of the challenges on this practice is I were practicing yoga at home. It was tough. But I’ve learned from this practice is one way to organize my home practice on any given day is first to ascertain which energy I want to increase and then to practice the appropriate poses to accomplish this. No matter what approach or approaches we use in constructing our home practice sessions, keep in mind that the point of practice is not just simply to become more adept at the poses or to improve our health. These are worthy goals, but even more importantly, our home practice can ignite awareness about how we respond to difficulty and ease.                                                                                                                                            (Trish Truong)


Summary of Practice Reflection – (Brandi DiDominick)

I chose to practice yoga as my first transformational practice.  It is something that I always wanted to try because I’ve heard a lot of positive benefits to the mind, body and spirit.  I had already downloaded podcasts on yoga from a couple of different sources so this is where I decided to begin.  Practicing at home is difficult because not only do you need to stay motivated on your own, but I’m sure having the direction of an instructor helps, however, I didn’t feel comfortable taking a class when I have no experience with yoga.  I kept up with practicing yoga and even bought a DVD, but the practice was hardly transformational for me in anyway.  I was disappointed because it was something I really wanted to try, but in no way did it make me feel relaxed, less stressed, peaceful, or even at tune with my body.  When I would practice yoga, I felt more like I had added to my exercise routine than that I was practicing something to wind down and relax.  With the stress of schoolwork and my job, yoga really didn’t help and by the end of the practice, I was ready to stop and move on to a new practice.


I think that if I wanted to try yoga again, I would really have to devote the time to participate in a class where I imagine it is a routine and fluid practice, whereas the podcasts were often short and mostly pose demonstrations.  The practice of breathing was lost on me by doing yoga this way; again, I felt more like I was exercising than anything.  Yoga can offer plenty of benefits for a person if practiced correctly.  People can practice yoga to reduce stress, improve flexibility, and strengthen the mind-body connection in their personal lives.  Professionally, yoga can benefit people who have physical ailments such as chronic back pain or arthritis.  It can also aid in promoting mental health. (Brandi DiDominick)


Summary of Practice Reflection by Kristin Grissom


I chose yoga for my first practice. I had a few yoga videos lying around (still in their respected package’s) so I thought it was an obvious choice. I had a difficult making time for it, but when I did I felt amazing. However it still felt like I was being forced to exercise, which is no way to get me to the gym. A few weeks in I managed to take a small local class and I liked it but again it didn’t really work for my schedule and I didn’t get anymore from it than I did when I practiced at home. Overall I don’t think yoga was as transformational as I would have liked and eventually I switched half-way through to meditating which gave me the same feelings but without the large time commitment. 


This was not my first experience with yoga, I had practiced hot yoga several years ago and really enjoyed the practice. I would love to start hot yoga again but there are no classes offered any where near my home. It really does provide stress relief and brings a sense of calmness, which is what I found most enjoyable and helpful. I think that I will continue with the meditating as it brings me the same results as yoga and can be done with no prior planning and for as little as 5 minutes. (Kristin Grissom)


Summary of Practice:


I chose yoga as my first transformational practice.  It not only helped me stay fit but it made me all around more happy.  I was much more calm in all situations and learned to breathe to stay level headed.  I enjoyed the beginners class very much because I did not need to be a contortionist to do it.  I felt relaxed, motivated, and like I was floating on air.  I would really like to try hot yoga again.  I tried it once, but being dehydrated and trying this was a VERY bad idea!!  Overall though, yoga really really inspired me and I know that I will continue to practice yoga.


Yoga can be used personally to keep a level head in different situations as well as being an overall happier person.  Professionally, by using yoga you will be more awake during the work day and more motivated during your day.  I absolutely LOVE yoga and am so very glad that I have the opportunity to experience it. (Shelby Pierson)



Summary of Practice Reflection

(Janice Bacigalupo)


I chose bodywork as my second practice and was very pleased with the results of this practice. I had originally chosen meditation, but did not enjoy the practice and switched to body work by the second week. I have always had a strong belief that movement and some form of body work can greatly improve one's mental and physical health. I grew up a dancer my entire life and though I had to stop dancing a few years ago due to health problems, it is something I miss terribly. I never recognized how much dance helped me to relieve stress or pent up emotions until I had to stop. Now a few years later, I have found the same benefits in simply going to the gym and incorporating yoga into my workouts. I have made a point the past few weeks to workout everyday or at least do some type of physical activity each day to improve my mental and physical well being. There were days when I couldn't do a complete "workout" due to fatigue from my health issues, but I still made sure to at least go for a walk outside or something. I found that my mood instantly improved when I started working out and I was happier for the rest of the day following a workout. Though I do not normally have much energy, I have been much more energized in the weeks I've been engaging in some sort of physical activity and I have also found that I am much more productive throughout the day as well. Within two days, I was actually looking forward to working out and it wasn't really a challenge for me because I knew I was going to feel better once I did it. I also found that I was able to manage my time much more efficiently because I knew I was going to have to find time each day to work out...this also helped me to be more productively. I think bodywork is an extremely important practice that everyone should engage in because it will help to improve their mood, relieve stress, become more productive, and give them more energy. People should attempt to devote at least 20 minutes each day to yoga, taking a walk, going to the gym, Pilates, etc so they can have a productive break from the other stressors in their lives. I also think body work can help in the workplace because it will reduce stress and therefore employees will be more productive and positive to work with. I think professional groups can encourage body work by offering their employers discounted passes to a gym or yoga studio or starting walking groups where employees can walk together on their lunch break or after work. I believe this could be beneficial because body work is also helpful for improving one's physical health and could therefore reduce the amount of sick days and employee has. I hope to continue the practice of body work daily and permanently. 









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