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Sp14 FW 311-801 Transformers Forgiveness

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by: Christopher Oestmann & Connor Vincent


Themes Summary

Psychologists generally define forgiveness as a conscious, deliberate decision to release feelings of resentment or vengeance toward a person or group who has harmed you, regardless of whether they actually deserve your forgiveness. However forgiveness does not only mean forgiving others but forgiving yourself as well. Self forgiveness is also a very important part of life. Not only is self forgiveness good for its gratitude but also for the health reasons as well. In this Wiki, there are journals, books, videos, and websites that accurately depict the meaning of forgiveness for oneself as well as others. They also go into depth of the many benefits of forgiveness for the average person as well as others with different backgrounds from the average person. The benefits provided show a positive increase in physical, mental, emotional, and social health and wellness. With all of the given data provided below, one can come to realize that forgiveness is essential to living a healthy life. Without it, there is a much greater chance of someone developing disease, stress, rapid ageing, and more. Knowing all of these potential benefits and harms will hopefully make anyone who does not believe in forgiveness to soon reconsider. Who doesn't want to live a long, happy, and healthy life?

(Christopher Oestmann & Connor Vincent)






The Dark Side of Forgiveness: The Tendency to Forgive Predicts Continued Psychological and Physical Aggression in Marriage

James K. McNulty University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, USA

Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin June 1, 2011 37: 770-783


This article goes over the fact that scholars know very little about the potential negative implications of forgiveness. Negative implications include offenders who have been forgiven feel as though they can offend again. This article goes to show that demonstrating forgiveness is not a fix all solution. (Christopher Oestmann)




'Forgiveness is a present to yourself as well': An intrapersonal model of forgiveness in victims of violent crime

Courtney Field, Jaimie Zander and Guy Hall

International Review of Victimology 2013 19: 235 originally published online 3 July 2013


The article covers victims of crime and how forgiveness does not accommodate much at all. The study that was done as a part of this article found that victims generally thought forgiveness was both positive and helpful in the recovery process. This article mentions forgiveness being comprised of four parts, being aware of the problem, letting go of the problem, changing ones perspective of the problem, and moving on from the problem. (Christopher Oestmann)




The Road to Forgiveness: A Meta-Analytic Synthesis of Its Situational and Dispositional Correlates

Ryan Fehr, Michele J. Gelfand, and Monisha Nag

Psychological Bulletin © 2010 American Psychological Association 2010, Vol. 136, No. 5, 894–914


Analyzing results from one hundred and seventy five studies and over twenty thousand participants in order to examine the correlation between personal relationships and forgiveness pertaining to forgiveness of the offender by the victim. Many factors where taken into account such as the participants age, gender, and characteristics. Methodology was shown to have the most effect. (Christopher Oestmann)



Process-Based Forgiveness Interventions: A Meta-Analytic Review (2008) 



In this article, a test was done to investigate the impact of forgiveness with people who had suffered because of betrayals, offenses, or victimization. In the end, it shows that the people given the forgiveness therapy had increases in hope and positive emotions and relief from negative emotions, cognition's, and behaviors. (Connor Vincent)



Self-Forgiveness in the Recovery of Israeli Drug-Addicted Mothers (2013) 



This article suggests that self-forgiveness can play an important role for the recovery of a drug addicted mother. It is said that getting rid of guilt is also an important part to rejuvenating a mothers self identity. (Connor Vincent)



Forgiveness Is a Present to Yourself As Well (2013)



 This article gives the meaning of forgiveness from the perspective of victims of crime. It showed that these victims thought of forgiveness to be positive and beneficial. Forgiveness was comprised of four parts: self-awareness, letting go, perspective-taking and moving on. Each of these were then examined and contrasted with existing data. (Connor Vincent)





Forgive and Forget: Healing the Hurts We Don't Deserve by Lewis B. Smedes


This book covers being able to recover and moving beyond ones feelings of hurt and anger. Smedes shows that it is possible to heal our pain and find room in our hearts to forgive. (Christopher Oestmann)


Forgiveness Is a Choice by Robert D. Enright  

This book for helping people who have been deeply hurt by another and gets caught in these negative feelings of anger and hate. Enright shows how forgiveness can reduce anxiety and depression with his how to guide. (Christopher Oestmann)


Total Forgiveness by R. T. Kendall

This book shows a Christian alternative of finding forgiveness for those around you who might have hurt by searching the word of God and finding what the gospel has to say on forgiveness. (Christopher Oestmann)



Forgiveness/ Loving the Inner Child by Louise L. Hay



Louise Hay relaxes you with the book she has written enabling you to learn to forgive others resulting in being able to love yourself. She explains that it is important to love yourself because your inner child depends on it. It depends on you for love and approval. Being able to love and forgive brings many positive changes to the quality of your life. (Connor Vincent)



Forgiving Yourself by Beverly Flanigan

Beverly Flanigan gives a step-by-step guide to making peace with your mistakes and getting on with your life. It explains that forgiving yourself eliminates self-defeating behavior. She teaches how to forgive our mistakes which can help us to heal our relationships, and get on with becoming the best we can be.(Connor Vincent)



Forgiving the Unforgivable: Overcoming the Bitter Legacy of Intimate Wounds by Beverly Flanigan


In this book, Beverly Flanigan defines what unforgivable injuries are, explains the terrible effects they can cause, and then guides you out of the unforgiving anger and resentment. After many years of teaching, researching, and conducting professional workshops and seminars, Flanigan has come up with unique six-stage program, which this book is built upon. This book is a very practical and a comforting guide to recovery and healing. (Connor Vincent)


Media Elements


In this passionate talk, Jennifer Rawlings shares her life lessons and experiences from doing stand-up for soldiers in war zones and areas of political tension around the globe. (Christopher Oestmann)



In this video, Libby Hoffman shows how her work focuses on finding ways to help the world engage with the lessons of justice, forgiveness, and community restoration embodied by Fambul Tok. (Christopher Oestmann)



Coming from my hometown of Sedona, Lori Rubenstein shares some life stories and how she has learned to forgive the unforgivable. (Christopher Oestmann)




Lisabeth Medlock is a healthy life coach that talks to viewers about living healthy and feeling good about oneself. In this video, she talks about the practice of forgiving. She explains how it is a very hard task to do especially when thinking about someone who really hurt you and how it seems to be impossible to ever forgive them. Holding back leads to negative emotions and energy ultimate meaning that others are controlling your life because of your resentment. It was a good video because she is a very knowledgeable person. (Connor Vincent)




In this video, Noah Elkrief gives very helpful information on how to immediately forgive oneself. He starts off saying how people do in fact want to forgive themselves because they feel angry, sad, and/or bad about what happened. The 2 questions he focuses on are:

Will what I did end up bad? It could be good in the long run for whatever reason.

Am I to blame for what happened?

He goes into depth of how to turn a negative situation into positive. (Connor Vincent)




In this short video, Dr. Gary Daniel explains that forgiveness is not about saying that what someone did is okay but rather to let it go out of your life and to not put anymore negative energy towards it. He explains that everyone is doing the best that they can in life and maybe what they did then was the best that they could do. By not giving anymore negative energy towards something, you are able to live a healthier life. (Connor Vincent)




http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-living/adult-health/in-depth/forgiveness/art-20047692 - This website is a good way to see how to let things go and forgive those who have done you wrong. (Christopher Oestmann)


http://www.psychologytoday.com/basics/forgiveness - This website gives about ten links to articles on either forgiving yourself or forgiving others. It is a great way to find general information on forgiveness overall. (Christopher Oestmann)


http://theforgivenessproject.com/ - The Forgiveness Project is a charity focused on conflict resolution and reconciliation. (Christopher Oestmann)


http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-living/adult-health/in-depth/forgiveness/art-20047692 - This page gives a good idea of what forgiveness is and how to achieve it. It an easy to understand definition of what forgiveness is. It also gives the benefits for forgiving someone along with why it is so easy to hold a grudge against that person and what that grudge can cause. Lastly, it gives you a way to reach that state of forgiveness. It is a good source because it is short and straight to the point. (Connor Vincent)


http://www.hypnosisdownloads.com/emotional-intelligence/self-forgiveness?5509 - This page is good for understanding the judgment on yourself as to why you feel that you are unable to forgive yourself. It is a good way of showing what needs to be done in order to forgive yourself. In a way, it is like the appetizer to forgiveness. It gets you on the right track. (Connor Vincent)


 http://www.oprah.com/spirit/8-Ways-to-Forgive-and-Forget -   Karen Salmansohn gives a variety of ways that will help someone to forgive and forget. It isn’t necessary to use all 8 of these steps in order to forgive however, the more you do, the better you’ll be. Also, at the beginning of the page she has a very short story of someone who immediately forgives for someone’s wrongdoing and when asked why she says, a happy man wouldn't have thoughtlessly done that. The story is very true! (Connor Vincent)


Original Creations


Diamond Poem on Forgiveness (Christopher Oestmann)


Anger, Hatred

Fighting, Crying, Suffering

If you do not find Forgiveness, Resentment is all you will have.

Hugging, Smiling, Healing

Happiness, Justice




Practicing Foregiveness by connor.pptx (Connor Vincent)



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at 6:39 pm on Mar 9, 2014

Overall, I think you did a great job. One suggestion I have is to add a photo at the top so when someone opens the link they see an image that is describing what you are talking about. I know it might be hard to find a photo about forgiveness but I would think you could find something that relates.I really enjoyed the powerpoint and poem. I though it was very clever.

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Great job! This page was easy to read, and I felt all material was relevant. If I would change something, it would be placing a picture of some sort at the top of the page that would relate to forgiveness. Other than that, this was an awesome page to look at! Hayden K

Students said

at 5:49 pm on Mar 13, 2014

I think that you guys did an excellent job of informing us what your topic is, how the videos and articles are relevant to your topic and the overall structure of this project. I also enjoyed viewing the original creations you guys made. They are informing and very creative. One fixture I might suggest, is perhaps adding a image or two that relates to forgiveness, so that the reader can get a better understanding on what they are about to read about. Overall, well done!

- Vincent Martinez.

Students said

at 9:47 am on Mar 21, 2014

I think that we all learned something from this project. I think you had a good summary but I felt that because of how it was written there was a need for cited references. Overall, I think your sources were relevant. I liked that you had links for your sources, but many of the articles I couldn't actually access, and it would be better if the link opened in a new tab if that's possible. I think it was great that you had the videos embedded in the page and that you had pictures for some of the books, although the pictures could be smaller. Like the other students I think a picture or symbol of some sort at the top of the page is warranted and it would make the page more inviting as well as a more descriptive or original title. Lastly, I think the formatting throughout the page could be more consistent; the spacing between items and types of items should be examined to make the page flow more smoothly and show unity. (Bridget Bradshaw)

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Well first of all I believe that the information that you have given are very informative and relevant to the material. I like the videos that you have gotten for your wiki and they have very good examples of forgiveness, which I thought was excellent. The second part I thought was good as well was the articles, which were very knowledgeable for most of us. Two things that I would recommend to improve your wiki is to put more color into it for example pictures of some sort of forgiveness and also a the formatting is too broad and simple, you could make it a little easier if there wasn't too much space between some of the material and also it would make the page more smooth and interesting. (Shandall Yazzie)

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I think you did a very good job on researching your information, and it is clear you understand your topic. I would recommend fixing the lay out it does not really flow, maybe add more color in the beginning. Try using different fonts and maybe fix the spacing because it is kinda inconsistent and it jumps around so a little hard to read. But over all you did a great job with the information and the content, I would just work on the lay out now.

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I think you both did a wonderful job on this page! You gave us a great amount of information on forgiveness. I also thought your information was very clear and understanding. I loved your videos on here because it gave me a great information about forgiveness that i had no idea about. The one thing that bothered me on the page was the font on some of the writings. I felt it was too small to read and I would make it a bigger font definitely. Other than that I really thought your wiki page was outstanding with all of the great information given! (Erikka Banks)

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