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Sp14 FW 311-802 Shifters Journaling

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Journaling To Help You Grow, Heal and Thrive!

(Kathleen Jones, Paul Downing, and Gyu Won Lee) 


personal journal.png



      As human beings we are all seeking to know ourselves and the meaning of life, constantly attempting new ways of discovery. Journaling is a great way to find ourselves and our purpose. Defining journaling is simple, writing about your life. There are many different forms of journaling and people choose to do it for many different reasons. For example writing after a loss of a loved one or another tragic life event, or simply writing about your daily or weekly events and achievements. Journaling can be very rewarding; writing about positive things in your life can improve your overall mood. Being able to reflect back on your journal submissions is also a great way to see the direction your life is taking and decided if you would like to continue on that path, or simply to see how much you’ve grown. The best thing about journaling is there are no guidelines! Write or draw what you want, how you want, when you want. This is when you do not have to worry about what people will think there’s no judgment, just you. So pick up a pencil and grab some paper, write, and watch your life improve and grow before your eyes. (KATHLEEN JONES)


     “He who could learn to fly must first learn to walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying.” – Nietzsche


For more information on the benefits of journaling and how it can improve your life please click on the following links:




  Media Elements 



  Peer Reviewed Journals 







   Original Creation






   Credible Websites




journaling bursitng.jpg






Student Journaling Reflection Summaries (Paul Downing)











Comments (15)

Students said

at 12:32 pm on Feb 16, 2014

Students, be SURE you are reading all of the materials that Debby has posted. The FrontPage of the Wiki provides great information as well as the links within that page (for examples). The information provided under course content tells you exactly what you need to be providing. Hope this helps!
Jacqui :)

Students said

at 3:32 pm on Feb 20, 2014

Hi Team Journaling! Nice start to your Wiki! Be sure you are all collaborating and contributing and be sure you include your name in ( )'s after your entries. Great!!

Jacqui :)

Students said

at 9:50 am on Feb 24, 2014

Hi! Reminder to cite all of your texts and journals according to APA! Refer to your manuals for how to cite the resources you find on websites. Looking good!
Jacqui :)

Students said

at 6:20 pm on Mar 30, 2014

Hi Journaling Group,

I think you all did a great job ion your wiki! I like the way you divided everything into categories. I find journaling to be very soothing and relaxing, it also helps me to put my thoughts into perspective so that I can adjust anything that need to be prioritized. My question is how did you put your videos onto the page like that? I tried and could not figure it out. Great job to you all! (denise tejada)

Students said

at 9:25 pm on Mar 30, 2014

Hi Journaling Group,
You guys did a great job! I love the variety of all the colors and pictures, it kept my interest and I enjoyed reading your draft wiki. As far as recommendations for improving your wiki I would suggest that you go back through the wiki and coordinate your headings for each section a little better. For example, on your Peer Reviewed section you have three separate headings for each group member, but they all say "Peer Reviewed" so I think you could just go with one heading at the top of the page. Your Book Elements section has two "Book Elements" headings and again I think only one heading is needed. Your Credible Websites doesn't have a heading at all and your Media section looks great with one heading. Great job group!! :)
Marla O'Driscoll

Students said

at 5:21 pm on Mar 31, 2014

Hello, Journaling Group!

Congratulations on a job well done! I am an older student and I must say I was utterly intimidated to be doing this assignment. You three have done a wonderful job making it easy to navigate and very informative. I particularly like the way you used links to other pages to keep the clutter down. That combined with the great photos made it very visually appealing. I also really loved your personal creations especially the "rules" for journaling. The line about ignoring the grammar police was priceless - and something I very much needed to hear. As was the line about focusing on quantity over quality. Those are my two biggest trouble spots!

The only suggestions I have for you would be to consider a uniform font, at least on the main page. And perhaps you purposefully decided not to, and that's ok. You've done such a great job making it visually clean, it's just a small change I think would make it even cleaner. And because I'm supposed to make two suggestions, maybe the title could use a little something to spice it up. My sense is these pages are a little less formal, so maybe something like Transformational Journaling: It can change your life! or How to Journal Your way to Better Health. I'm not that great with titles, but I'd love to see something as creative as everything else you've done.

Otherwise, really well done!


Students said

at 9:38 pm on Mar 31, 2014

Hello, :)
Likes: I find your wikis to be well put together overall. It is appealing without being to busy. I do like the separation of material, makes it user friendly to read through the information. I think original pieces illustrating inspirational images with words of wisdom such as a power-point adds a touch of personalization to your wikis. I was also impressed with the video links that are readily available to view.
Recommendations: Some of your other material could use some original abstracts describing a bit more for the reader including some links for ease. On the original piece, I would like to see some few quick tips in achieving what the image is representing/depicting, nothing too big as to I don't want to add more work on to you guys, lols, just a thought on my part since I learn better with instructions. :) Thx
Great job on your wikis! (Melissa Maldonado)

Students said

at 11:10 pm on Apr 1, 2014

HI, I loved this Wiki because of the big lettering and font. It was very easy to read and navigate through. Just because I have to make suggestions I would say to have the icon pics more uniform in color or somewhat more similar. the colors clash and make it not as pretty to look at. The only other suggestion is to not have the word Journaling in front of each topic. Again, I'm only making suggestions because I have to. You did a wonderful job.

Students said

at 11:15 pm on Apr 1, 2014

I forgot to add my name in ^^^^^^comment. (Joseph Araiza)

Students said

at 6:09 pm on Apr 24, 2014

Denise Tejada to put videos on your page you: click on edit, insert, video, and then click on youtube, and then follow what it asks for! Let me know if you have any other questions (KATHLEEN JONES)

Students said

at 6:10 pm on Apr 24, 2014

Marla O'Driscoll, thank you for the great advise! Headings have all been condensed! (KATHLEEN JONES)

Students said

at 6:11 pm on Apr 24, 2014

Thank you for the advice on a better title! We've changed it! Let us know what you think! :) (KATHLEEN JONES)

Students said

at 6:12 pm on Apr 24, 2014

Things that I have changed for the final wiki:
-Condensed titles of all the links to books, articles etc.
- Added a title to credible websites link
-Improved title to make it more exciting!
- Deleted the "Journaling" part of the headings for each link as recommended from another student!

Students said

at 2:26 pm on Apr 25, 2014

Excellent work Kathleen!

Students said

at 2:25 pm on Apr 25, 2014

Things I have changed for the final Wiki:
-added a short summary at the beginning of each link page.
-added a link for the "Student Journal Reflection Summaries," which has all the summaries students left on our page for their transformational change reflection.
-Made little changes to improve pictures and spacing errors.
-kept in contact with my partners to work on the improvements fellow students left in the comment section.
(Paul Downing)

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