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Sp14 FW 311-801 Transformers The Power of Bodywork

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(Josie Ribelin)


What is bodywork?

What bodywork is challenging to describe because the word covers a vast field of practice. To be more effective I will borrow the words of Michael Samsel, he operationally defines bodywork as "...causing movement of some type, perhaps 'only' vibration, and...paying attention". Although these may seem to be minute things when contemplated, they are substantially proven to be beneficial in health and healing of the body, mind and spirit. Listed on this Wiki are several bodywork techniques such as Watsu for example. Watsu is a type of bodywork that takes place in water. The major focus of watsu is to provide the patient with a sense of relaxation through the release of muscle tension. The goal is to make the patient completely free within their body. The water allows the technician to perform movements that are not possible outside of water due to the force of gravity. Another bodywork technique that is more popular and similar to Watsu focuses on decreasing stress, muscle tension and pain is massage. Massage is a very basic form of bodywork and is  one that can has a great deal of variations. Along with listing bodywork techniques this Wiki will listed information such as a link to the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork website. This along with the other websites provide things such as specific certifications necessary to practice bodywork techniques; as well as, a large amount of information regarding bodywork. 

(Josie Ribelin & Michael Massey)


Examples of Bodywork:

The Rosen Method

(Josie Ribelin)

Better or Worse: a Study of Day-to-Day Changes over Five Months of Rosen Method Bodywork Treatment for Chronic Low Back Pain

by Alan Fogel, PhD, LMT, Certified Rosen Method Bodywork Teacher and Practitioner


(Josie Ribelin)


Watsu and Wassertanzen

(Michael Massey)


Kinesis Myofascial Integration

(Michael Massey)


Benefits of Bodywork:


(Michael Massey)

Keller, G. (2012).  The Effects of Massage Therapy after Decompression and Fusion Surgery of the Lumbar Spine: a Case Study.

 International Journal of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork: Research, Education, & Practice, North America.


(Michael Massey) 

Silva, L., & Schalock, M. (2013). Treatment of Tactile Impairment in Young Children with Autism: Results with Qigong Massage.

International Journal of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork: Research, Education, & Practice, North America. 6(4).


(Michael Massey)



(Josie Ribelin)


For information on the the benefits on massage therapy check out:

Moraska, A., Pollini, R. A., Boulanger, K., Brooks, M. Z., & Teitlebaum, L. (2010). Physiological Adjustments to Stress Measures Following Massage Therapy: A Review of the Literature. Evidence Based Complementary Alternative Medicine. 7(4), 409-418.


(Josie Ribelin)


Far Infrared Therapy

(Josie Ribelin)

Although this is also an advertisement, it gives an understandable explanation of the benefits of far infrared therapy. For more information on the research behind infrared light therapy, go to http://www.infinitebodybalance.com/research to see some research behind the many techniques used with infrared therapy.

(Josie Ribelin)


For more information on a different type of infrared called near-infrared therapy, see:

Munk, N., Symons, B., Shang, Y., Cheng, R., Yu, G. (2012). Noninvasively measuring the hemodynamic effects of massage on skeletal muscle: A novel hybrid near-infrared diffuse optical instrument. Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies, 16(1), 22-28.


(Josie Ribelin)


To see the results of people surveyed on bodywork and its effectiveness, see: 

Sparber, A., and Wootton, J. C. (2001). Surveys of Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Part II. Use of Alternative and Complementary Cancer Therapies.  The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine 7(3),281-287. doi:10.1089/107555301300328179.


(Michael Massey)


Original Creations:


Basics of Massage


(Michael Massey)


Yoga, a brief overview by Josie Ribelin: 


(Josie Ribelin)


Books on Bodywork:

Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma : The Innate Capacity to Transform Overwhelming Experience 

by Peter A. Levine, Ann Frederick (Contributor)

(Josie Ribelin)

The impact of trauma in this book is discussed in a way that normalizes the symptoms.

It provides steps for those who have experienced trauma to the path of recovery.

(Josie Ribelin)






  Spinal Manipulation Made Simple: A Manual of Soft Tissue Techniques

  by Jeffrey Maitland, Kelley Kirkpatrick (Photographer)

  (Josie Ribelin)

  The author discusses gentle techniques to spinal manipulation such a Rolfing.

  He emphasizes the use of slow and gentle treatment as an alternative from chiropractic, high impact, quick manipulations.

  (Josie Ribelin)







White Shadow Walking With Janet Mentgen

by Diane Wind Wardell

(Josie Ribelin)

This is a story of the authors personal life changing experiences including the guidance of her mentor Janet Mentgen.

The book is directed at health care professionals but is reviewed as helpful for those outside of the field looking for

how they can develop the skill of the healing touch.

(Josie Ribelin)






 Chinese bodywork : a complete manual of Chinese therapeutic massage

  by Sun Chengnan (Editor) 

  (Michael Massey)

  This text outlines and describes the techniques for practicing the art of Chinese therapeutic massage. The text also explains

  which types of massages are best suited for certain muscles and certain situations.

  (Michael Massey) 







  Amma Therapy: A Complete Textbook of Oriental Bodywork and Medical Principles

  by Tina Sohn and Robert C. Sohn

  (Michael Massey)

  This text includes descriptions of several different types of Oriental Bodywork techniques and related medicinal principles.

  While some aspects of the different bodywork techniques may be left out, this text covers a wide variety of techniques and

  gives a basic description of nearly all Oriental bodywork techniques and medicinal principles.

  (Michael Massey) 






  Job's Body: a handbook for bodywork 

  by Deane Juhan

  (Michael Massey) 

  This book sets basic guidelines necessary to plan and execute different types of bodywork. While many types

  of bodywork are not included in this text, those included are described in quite some depth. This text is ideal for 

  someone who is looking to get started in bodywork but is looking for guidance.

  (Michael Massey






Bodywork Websites:

National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork


Provides necessary certifications as well as information with regards to bodywork 

(Michael Massey)


The American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia


(Michael Massey)


International Journal of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork 


(Michael Massey)


Benefits of Asian Body Work Therapy - Abota 


(Josie Ribelin)


The Benefits of Yoga - American Osteopathic Association 


(Josie Ribelin)


Benefits of Massage Therapy - Health Services


(Josie Ribelin)



For an uplifting, motivational and inspiring video, watch this special on the worlds oldest yoga teacher, she is 93!

(Josie Ribelin)




Samsel, M. (unknown). Bodywork in the Reich and Lowen Tradition. Finding Feeling and Purpose. Retrieved March 3, 2014 from http://reichandlowentherapy.org/Content/Home/bodywork_defined.html. (Josie Ribelin)




Bodywork: For my first transformational practice I chose bodywork. Bodywork is a general term for methods that center on the body for health promotion of physical, mental and spiritual health. For my bodywork practice I chose the relaxation technique of stretching. I used stretching to help my body both physically, mentally and spiritually. At first I started stretching every night before bed and it helped me to relax and clear my mind so I could get a good nights sleep. Eventually I started stretching every morning as well to wake up my body and get my mind focused for the day. Out of this bodywork practice I got the physical benefit of flexibility and the mental and spiritual benefit of a relaxed and focused mind. At first it was hard to use stretching as a relaxation technique because its rather painful. After I learned to clear my mind and focus it became a lot easier. I also used breathing as a method to help take my awareness off of the pain and focus on relaxing. I went to a few yoga classes to learn new poses and stretches to be able to relax. My overall experience with bodywork was positive. It took a few tries to get used but eventually it became a new routine to wake myself up every morning and calm myself down every night. It not only helped to calm my mind everyday but also loosen up my body. I would recommend stretching as a good relaxation technique to anyone. Two personal applications for bodywork would be yoga or meditation for ones own personal benefits. Two professional applications for bodywork would be used by professionals in the fields of therapeutic touch or chiropractor. (Ashley Refshauge).


For my first transformational practice I chose bodywork. Bodywork is defined as therapies and techniques in complementary medicine that involve touching or manipulating the body. I chose bodywork because I was recently in a snowboarding accident that resulted in a major concussion and damage to my ribs. Yoga had taught me many things about myself and brought me a great new activity that helped me through a very hard time in my life. Not only did it help me rehabilitate but it brought me peace of mind and a new understanding of myself. My life has changed in the fact that I had always been a doubter of yoga but after my transformational practice I cannot imagine not practicing at least once a week. Because I was in such delicate state in the beginning of my practice bodywork was very difficult for me to begin because so many of the poses were straining on my ribs. I think because bodywork was so difficult in the beginning that it was the most rewarding of the two transformational practices. I found that two personal applications for bodywork was how I was practicing yoga and stretching in order to ease my mind and body in a stressful time. One professional application for bodywork would be therapeutic massage for those who have recently been injured or are going through a emotionally taxing time in their lives. Another professional application of bodywork would be doing or teaching yoga and meditation for rehabilitation of the body after an accident. (Zoe Smith) 


I chose bodywork in the form of yoga as my first transformational practice this semester and was very surprised by the results. I found that not only did my body feel much better after each session but my mind did as well. I found it to be challenging while relaxing at the same time. I learned there is a great deal of focus required to know exactly where my body was in space. I think that personally I will continue to participate in yoga during times when my body is full of tension as well as when I need to focus my thoughts. Professionally yoga along with other types of bodywork can be used to relieve stress and relax the body as well as clear and focus the mind. (Michael Massey)


For the second part of the transformational activity I decided to try yoga for my activity.  I did not know too much about yoga going into the classes but I was willing to give it a shot because I thought it would be similar to pilates classes I have take in the past.  Well I was wrong, yoga is very different from pilates.  The first week I tried yoga I was still trying to figure out how people are that flexible and still breathing at the same time.  As I rolled in to the third week of this assignment I learned the proper breathing technique and slowly I was able to start doing some of the poses that I thought it would be near impossible for my body to do.  What I really enjoyed most about yoga is that I always left with my mind feeling more relaxed then anything.  They had breathing techniques that help you clear your mind and focus on your body.  Overall I thought yoga was a nice change of pace of what I was use to but I just feel that it was not for me.  I was able to clear my mind and relax but at certain times I felt that I was getting bored.  So it did help with clearing my mind but overall I felt that it was too slow for me.   (Erin Stark) 


For my first transformational change practice I chose bodywork.  For this practice I chose to do yoga 3 times a week.  I had taken a couple yoga classes here and there in the past, but never really focused a lot of my time on it.  It was hard to get into the routine because I didn’t know a lot of yoga moves so I was finding a lot of my yoga sessions repetitive.  I decided to really invest in the practice and look up different moves to do.  I started feeling much more relaxed and not so stressed.  One big thing that I loved is that it helped me sleep a lot better at night, which was awesome.  Another thing I like is that I was feeling much more flexible in my time while I was doing this practice.  I was able to notice this because I had never been flexible in my life.  One thing I would suggest is to explore different types of yoga.  For example, I took a couple different classes at the HLC, which helped me a lot with new moves.  Another thing I would suggest is to practice it at different times of the day.  I found myself practicing it more at night to unwind after a long day, but it’s different for other people.  Overall I really enjoyed this transformational change and I am glad I picked bodywork. (Aaron Krause)


My first chosen practice (Rebekah Inestroza)

I decided to try yoga at least three times a week. Originally the goal was five times a week but I was unable to stick to that goal and so I changed it to three. I used the doyogawithme.com free videos. I love this site because you can choose by length and level. Even if I was short on time or really tired I would do at least twenty minutes. I had an injury after the last marathon I ran which was over three years ago. Ever since then I have had chronic pain down my left side. After just two weeks of yoga I noticed I was moving more freely and I felt stronger on my bike. This was pretty amazing because it has been a while since I have felt that good. I felt really great and relaxed and it was really different to lay down to sleep without any pain.

I would recommend people to use this practice on a personal level for two reasons. the first reason would be to feel more in touch with your body and feel like you are in control of your limbs. The second reason would be to increase flexibility and digestive health. This can be done with gentle stretching, and triangle poses which help to massage the internal organs. 

I would recommend for people to use this practice on a professional level for two reasons. The first reason would be to decrease stress levels. Breathing exercises in yoga help to get more oxygen to the brain and the brain then tells the body to relax. The second reason would be to come up with more creative ideas. Getting more oxygen to the brain allows for clearer thinking and better choice making. 


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at 9:48 pm on Mar 6, 2014

This page so cool! I love the set-up of everything and I also like how easy it is to watch the videos. There isn't really anything to change, maybe just the same font size and a description on the book. But this wiki looks awesome, great work!
Alexis McKinley

Students said

at 5:52 pm on Mar 13, 2014

You guys did an awesome job on this project for Bodywork! It is clear that all of you took the time to find relevant information and organize everything out. From top to bottom, this project is well put together. I might suggest though, that perhaps giving a brief description about each book that you guys referenced, so that we could have a better idea of what it is about exactly. Other than that, excellent job!

- Vincent Martinez

Students said

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Vincent, as both you and Alexis said, we will be adding descriptions to each of the books that we listed. I thought that this was not required for the WIKI but now that we know it is and after looking at the other pages and everything else that we have on our page it makes sense that a brief description should be added for each book. Thanks for the feedback!
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Wow! I really enjoyed going through this page and seeing what you guys found on the topic of Bodywork. This was a topic I was very excited to look through on the Wikis and you guys did a wonderful job organizing your information and making the page enjoyable to browse. I agree with Vincent (above) who said that to maybe give a brief overview of the books thats you guys researched but other than that I don't see much to be fixed. You guys did an awesome job!

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Nice page y'all! The picture at the top is pretty cool. I also like how y'all embedded the videos so you don't have to navigate away from the page. The only things that could be improved are to make the font at the beginning of each section bigger and maybe underlined, that way the viewer has no difficulty discerning the different sections. Also, if possible, maybe center the videos to the left that way the descriptive text looks more uniform and increase the size of the descriptive text a little bit. Nice job y'all! (Becky Russell)

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Students said

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I really love your page, it is colorful, organized and informative. The picture that you have put on your page was quiet interesting and I liked them, and also the video were great as well. Good thing you could upload the videos into your page so we wouldn't have to leave the page to see the videos and the organization was good. The things that would need improvement are to make the fonts of the of each sections bigger and bright, also underlying them would help as well. Also another thing would be if you gave a more informative description of the books and articles to better understand. Although other than that your page is great and you did a great job! (Shandall Yazzie)

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I thought you guys did a really good job! I am doing bodywork for my journal practices so I wanted to see what you guys had to say about it and I learned a lot of new information. I thought all of the different examples of bodywork practices were awesome. I also felt like the layout of your page was easy to follow and very appealing. The only things I would lookout is maybe just say what the books are about and also in a couple places in the opening paragraph, I thought the wording was a little off. Other than those minor things I thought you guys did great! (Aaron Krause)

Students said

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Thanks for the feedback Aaron! I'm glad you were able to learn a few things by looking at our page! It is nice to know that the hard work we put in to putting our page together has paid off for someone! I think that you may have felt the wording was a bit off because Josie and I combined our two writing styles to form the one paragraph so the flow may be off. We will work to make it more cohesive and sound better. Thanks again. (Mike Massey)

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I deleted the link underneath the title picture. As well I added a section header to our original creations and edited all of the Journal articles to be cited in APA format.
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I added a short but informational summary about the three books I provided.
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I also added short informational summaries to each of the three books I provided.
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I increased the font to make the text easier to read and made it consistent throughout. I also changed the titles from yellow or black to blue to make them easier to read, consistent and easy to identify. (Josie Ribelin)

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I really loved this page! The picture at the beginning was so intriguing and caught my eye. Your page brought life to this practice. It made me want to read it and get into the information that was given. The information given was excellent and informative. I also loved the how you guys displayed your page. It was so organized, colorful and inviting at the same time. I loved this page. Great page! (Erikka Banks)

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