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Articles About Self-Care

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                                                                                                              (RAINE KOLMAN)


Graven, L.J., Grant, J.S. Social support and self-care behaviors in individuals with heart failure: An integrative review. International Journal of Nursing Studies. (51)2. p320-333. 2014

            This article determined that the social support and network of support are involved with successful self-care habits in heart failure patients.


Kirk, S., Beatty, S., Callery, P., Milnes, L., Pryjmachuk, S. Perceptions of effective self-care support for children and young people with long-term conditionsJournal of Clinical Nursing. (21)13/14. p1974-1987. 2012.

            This article identifies four dimensions of self-care that are believed to be crucial to effective self-care. Further, they determine that self-care programs need to meet the needs of the individual, family, and community.


Ide-Okochi, A., Tadaka, E., Fujimura, K. The meaning of self-care in persons with cervical spinal cord injury in Japan: a qualitative study. BMC Neurology. (13)1. p1-10. 2013.

            This article investigates the perception self-care in spinal cord injury patients. They found that not only personal factors but the sociocultural factors influence a person’s valuation of self-care practices. (Jake Rodriguez) 


Daubmeann, A., Ebersbach, M., Puschmann, E., Scherer, M., Steinmann, S., Zimmermann, T., Effectiveness of a primary care based complex intervention to promote self-management in patients presenting psychiatric symptoms: Study protocol of a cluster-randomised controlled trial. BMC Psychiatry. 2014, Vol. 14 Issue 1, p1-19.

     This article explains the results of a study done on patients with a background of anxiety, depression and somatoform disorders and what self-care and self-management can do for them. In this study, the participants where measured for happiness and other health related qualities. They were then told what types of practices they needed to do on a daily basis and at the end of the studied they were measured again. In conclusion, there seemed to be a correlation with the patients that performed the practices and happiness and health. (RAINE KOLMAN)


Harvey, J.N., Lawson V.L. The importance of health belief models in determining self-care behaviors in diabetes. Diabetic Medicine, January 2009. Volume 26, Issue 1 p. 5-13.

     This article focuses on the belief of diabetic patients and self-care. It was found in this study that if the patients were not seeing direct benefit from a self-care practice, they would stop performing it, even if the practice would take time for results and would not be clear black and white. (RAINE KOLMAN) 


Callaghan, D. Journal of Community  Health Nursing: Healthy Behaviors, Self-Efficacy, Self-Care, and Basic Conditioning Factors in Older Adults PubMed, June 2010. p. 169-178    

     This article focuses on the statistical analysis of data from a study which investigated the relationship between self-care behaviors, self-care efficacy and self-care agency. This study was done on older adults and there was significant evidence showing that multiple factors and relationship to self-care behaviors, self-care efficacy, and self-care agency. (RAINE KOLMAN)



Scott, E. (2007, July 12). The importance of self care for health and stress management . Retrieved fromhttp://stress.about.com/od/lowstresslifestyle/a/selfcare.htm

    This article talks about how self-care is important for stress management. It gives reasons why you should consider it and the benefits that can be felt. It then goes on and gives some examples of self-care options. (Katie Karbo)


Han, H., Lee, H., Commodore-Mensah, Y., & Kim, M. (2013). Development and Validation of the Hypertension Self-Care Profile: A Practical Tool to Measure Hypertension Self-care. The Journal Of Cardiovascular Nursing.

     This article is about testing a new method of self-care that could help with blood pressure. It talks about how self-care is very important for keeping controlled blood pressure. (Katie Karbo)


Hutchison, S. (2014, January 08). The benefits of self-care to health and well-being . Retrieved from http://talkingtherapy.ie/shelleyhutchinson/articles/self-care/

    At this website a counseling office talks about what self-care is.  It also talks about issues that can be helped with self-care. Another thing talked about is how self-care can improve your everyday life and the importance of it to live a healthy happy life. (Katie Karbo) 

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