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Journaling: Media Elements

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Media Elements

Below you will find excellent visual media elements for starting a journal or improving your existing journal writing. The media elements we have provided can improve your journal writing as well as give you a visual insight on how to start a journal and get the therapeutic rewards journaling offers. If there are any media elements you would like us to add to our page please leave the link and a message in the comment section below and we will consider adding it to our page. (Paul Downing)



(Paul Downing)


ted talk.pngClick on the underlined link below to view the Ted Talk.


The link below is to a "Ted Talk," it is not a talk about journaling, but writing an anonymous secret and sending it in to be posted.  As you will see it is one of the most popular websites in the world.  Letting go of a secret by writing it and sending it away could be a step in a persons healing.


(Paul Downing)



(Paul Downing)




When watching this video you learn of two different types of journaling: life experiences journal, and trading journal. The first one is for your emotional well being and mindset. The trading journal is more for you professional life. (KATHLEEN JONES)


This is a great video that discusses why journaling is so important. This gives the viewer an idea of how journaling could help you through any recovery you are going through. (KATHLEEN JONES)


This  a great video that gives an example of how journaling has helped a man in his life. Timothy states when you put your thoughts on paper it removes fear.  He has a great point that you need to make a plan and then take action.  (KATHLEEN JONES)



"How to Keep a Journal" by Robin Sharma (Gyu)


In this video, Sharma talk about how we can write and keep a journal every day. There are 3 great points he brought up in this video are record your daily progress, insight, and gratitude.( Sharma,2013) (Gyu)


2. "How to Write a Life Journal" by Jurgen Wolff


This very short video is less than 2 minutes, but contains great and useful information about how to write a life journal.

Wolff give us ideas we can find where to write a journal first. It could be written in a paper or computer.  Also, we can find what to write a journal about. It could be an event around the world, people in your life, or an event that happened today in your life. (Wolff,2012) (Gyu)


3. Benefits of keeping a Journal by Conor Neil 

Neil talks about 3 benefits in journaling.  It gives us a time to slow down to give us enough time in making decisions, communication skills, and a good document for our life to look-back on.(Gyu) 





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