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Su 2014 Meditation Wiki

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Su 2014 Meditation Wiki                                                                 


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 (Amparo Bayless)


 When we meditate we expand, spreading our wings like a bird, trying to enter consciously into Infinity, Eternity and Immortality, welcoming them into our aspiring consciousness. We see, feel and grow into the entire universe of Light-Delight.

          -Sri Chinmoy (Amparo Bayless)



                                                                                                                                      (Amparo Bayless)


The three primary elements explored that relate to meditation were, first the effect of meditation on health, second we presented the different methods to practice meditation, and last was how meditation can transform and give meaning to life. 

The journals presented studies where subjects had been followed and compared to control groups to demonstrate the benefits of meditation and the changes meditation has in the physiology of the brain.

The websites referenced in the Wiki all refer to the benefits of incorporating meditation into our everyday lifestyle, and offered information on classes and programs to help develop the transformational practice of meditation. Some of the websites offered testimonials to encourage an interested participant and start the path to a new, healthier and better life. According to the Mayo Clinic Website, meditation can take away stress and replace it with inner peace.

The videos selected for the project all contained meditation techniques to achieve the benefits of incorporating the practice in our lives. The videos offered meditation techniques accompanied by relaxing music and guidance. 

The journals, websites, books, and media elements informed us of the meditation-medicine link and how they complement each other to provide a healthy, enhanced physical and mental well-being. (Amparo Bayless)



Meditation in Medical Practice: A Review of the Evidence and Practice


The practice of meditation in the medical field is providing an excellent tool for adjunct therapy in the treatment of many illnesses, and to maintain health and wellness. The practice of meditation is now accepted by the general public and scientist as a benefit to the mind and body. Research continues to demonstrate the benefits of the practice for many diseases. The operationalization and application of meditation needs to be implemented in a practical, meaningful, and effective way.


Fortney, L., Taylor, M. (2010) Meditation in medical practice: a review of the evidence and practice. Primary care: Clinics

          in Office Practice, 37(1), 81-90.  



Retrieved from Integrative Medicine, Part I: Incorporating Complementary/Alternative Modalities. (Amparo Bayless)


Immediate and Long-Term Effects of Meditation on Acute Stress Reactivity, Cognitive Functions, and Intelligence.


The globalization of world demands for maximum performance, creates stress levels that are damaging to health and can accumulate throughout the years. Research teams study the long-term effects of the practice of meditation on stress, intelligence, emotional quotients, and cognitive functions. After inducing stress by having participants play a computer game to induce stress, response to stress was measured by administering galvanic skin response, heart rate, and slivery cortisol content. Induced stress resulted in the increase of the physical markers. The participants performed pre and post study testing, before and after the induced stress, and during a follow up after one month of the practice of meditation. The increased levels of induced stress, observed in the physiological markers, were reduced by the practice of meditation, and the cognitive functions were improved.


Singh, Y., Sharma, R., & Talwar, A. (2012) Immmediate and long-term effects of meditation on acute stress reactivity,

          cognitive functions, and intelligence. Alternative Therapies in Health & Medicine, 18(6), 46-53.



The above material was retrieved from NAU Cline Library, Health and Human Databases, NEW CINAHL COMPLETE. The search term utilized was "Meditation" the filters utilized were Journal, and full text. (Amparo Bayless)


Recovering by Means of Meditation: The Role of Recovery Experiences and Intrinsic Motivation


The practice of meditation as a tool for the recovery from stress has been proven, but little is known about the mechanisms of its effectiveness. This essay presents a study in an attempt to advance this aspect and examines the meditating role of the recovery experiences of relaxation, mastery and detachment


van Hooff, M. M., & Bass, M. (2013) Recovering by means of meditation: the role of recovery experiences and intrinsic           motivation. Applied Psychology: an International Review, 62(2), 185-210. doi: 10.1111/j1464-0597.2011.0048.x 


The above material was retrieved from NAU Cline Library, Health and Human Services Database, EBSCOHOST. The search term was "Meditation", the filters applied were journal, and full text. (Amparo Bayless)


Passage meditation reduces perceived stress in health professionals: A randomized, control trial.


Oman, D., Hedberg. J., & Thoreson, C.E. (2006). Passage meditation reduces perceived stress in health professionals: A randomized, controlled trial. Journal of      Consulting And Clinical Psychology, 74(4). 714-719.doi:10.1037/0022-006X.74.4.174   




A study was done using health care professionals to assess the health benefits and stress reduction of meditation.

Retrieved from NAU Cline Library, Psych Articles, with Keyword meditation.  Please sign into your student account and then copy and paste address into URL.  (Jason Ruiz)


Meditation: A simple, fast way to reduce stress


Mayo Clinic Staff.  (2014).  Retrieved from http://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/meditation/in-depth/meditation/art-20045858


The Mayo Clinic discusses some of the benefits of meditation concerning health, stress and illness.  They also describe the different, common types of meditation as well as the elements in meditation and how meditation can be introduced into your daily life.

Retrieved from Mayo Clinic website. (Jason Ruiz)



” Quiet the mind and the Soul will speak.” ~ Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

                                                                                                         (Jason Ruiz)

Physiological differences between transcendental meditation and rest


Dillbeck, M. C., & Orme-Johnson, D. W. (1987). Physiological difference between transcendental meditation and rest. American Psychologist, 42(9),      

     879-881. doi: 10.1037/0003-066X.42.9.879




A comparison was made on the physiological effects of transcendental meditation and how the compared to eyes closed rest.  The effects of TM were shown to have lower physiological somatic arousal, and also increased alertness.  

Retrieved from NAU Cline Library, Psych Articles, Keyword meditation and stress.  Please sign into student account before accessing article, once you have signed into account it is easier to copy and past link into URL.  (Jason Ruiz)




Relationship means adjustment, it is giving. But at the same time leave some room for the other partner to give. This needs a little skill - to make the other also contribute without demanding. If you demand, the relationship is not going to last long. Demand and blame destroy love.__  Photo: Lapis Buddha mudra

                                                                                          (Jason Ruiz)




Meditation (2008) Retrieved June 23, 2014 from


The above material was retrieved from NAU Cline Library, Library Home page, Books tab, Keyword "Meditation" search.

The video explores the effects of meditation on the human mind and body. Different techniques are explored and the effects of meditation on patients with cardiac conditions, multiple sclerosis, and insomnia. (Amparo Bayless)


Guided Meditation - Blissful Deep Relaxation

TheHonestGuys.(ND) Guided mediation - Blissful deep relaxation[Video file] Retrieved June 23, 2014 from


The video guides you through a wonderful 19 minute meditation, which guarantees to relax you with a gentle male voice, guidance, and centering seashore sounds. (Amparo Bayless)


30 Minute Meditation: Asking for Nothing .... And Receiving Everything

thereachapproach. (ND) 30 minute mediation: Asking for nothing.... and receiving everything [Video file] Retrieved June 23, 2014

from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMldMnEfxX8

The video describes a voyage of discovery through your mind, where  you will find experiences of fulfilling your potential. (Amparo Bayless)


A Guided Meditation on the Body, Space, and Awareness with Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche


Retrieved from Youtube (Jason Ruiz)


How to Meditate Properly: Meditation Techniques for Beginners


Retrieved from Youtube (Jason Ruiz)


The Dalai Lama Speaks - Secular Meditation


Retrieved from Youtube (Jason Ruiz)




UCLA HEALTH Website on Meditation


The website above is the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center, which gives a guided videos to introduce beginners do different elements of meditation.  (Jason Ruiz)


Meditation Oasis website


The website above is and introduction and  information to meditation through online course, podcast, blog and instructional guide on how to use the website.  (Jason Ruiz)


Insight Meditation Society website


This website give information on classes, retreats and presentations for different elements of meditation.  It also has beneficial resources for incorporating meditation into your current lifestyle.  (Jason Ruiz)


Evolutionary Enlightenment

Cohen, A. (2013). 5 on line free guided meditation resources. Evolutionary enlightenment. Retrieved from


The website offers connection to five online guided meditation resources. (Amparo Bayless)


Free Meditation/ Learn How to Meditate and Enjoy the Benefits!

FreeMeditation. (2014). Learn how to meditate and enjoy the benefits! Retrieved from http://www.freemeditation.com

The website offers information on recent publications and programs to enjoy the practice of meditation. (Amparo Bayless)


The Art of Living 

Benefits of Meditation

The Art of Living. (2014). Benefits of mediation. retrieved from  http://www.artofliving.org/meditation/benefits-of-meditation

This website gives information on the benefits of incorporating meditation into your life. The site also offers guidance on different modes of meditation and explains the mental, physical and other benefits of meditation.  (Amparo Bayless)





Real Happiness: The Power of Meditation: A 28 Day Program By Sharon Salzberg (Dec 29, 2010)


Product Details

(Jason Ruiz)


Transcendance: Healing and Transformation Through Transcendental Meditation by Norman E Rosenthal M.D. and Mehmet C. Oz M.D. (Aug 30, 2012)


Product Details 

(Jason Ruiz) 


Wherever You Go, There You Are (Rough Cut) By Jon Kabat-Zinn (Jan 5, 2005) 

Product Details

(Jason Ruiz)


Sixth Cartesian Meditation : The Idea of a Transcendental Theory of Method

Fink, E., Husserl, E. (1995). Sixth cartesian meditation: The idea of a transcendental theory of method. Bloomington, Indiana: IndianaUniversity Press 

Book Jacket

PHILOSOPHY / History & Surveys / Modern
Related ISBNs:
9780253322739. 9780585103068.
Accession Number:
eBook Collection (EBSCOhost) (Amparo Bayless)

Dōgen on Meditation and Thinking: A Reflexion on His View of Zen

Kim, H. (2006). Dôgen on medicine and thinking: A reflexion on his view of zen. Ithaca, New York: State University of
          New York Press. Retrieved from: http://site.ebrary.com.libproxy.nau.edu/lib/nau/docDetail.action?docID=10575944

LC Call Number: BQ9449.D657 -- K563 2007eb 
eISBN: 9780791480908 
pISBN: 9780791469255 
Dewey Decimal Number: 294.3927092 
OCLC Number: 802049433 

Subjects: Dōgen, -- 1200-1253.   Sōtōshū -- Doctrines.   Meditation -- Sōtōshū.
Retrieved from Cline Library (Amparo Bayless)

Relaxation, Meditation, and Mindfulness : A Mental Health Practitioner's Guide to New and Traditional Approaches

Smith, J. C. (2005). Relaxation, meditation, and mindfulness: A mental health practitioner's guide to new and traditional approaches.

          New York, New York: Springer Publishing Company 

LC Call Number: BF637.R45 -- S62 2005eb 
eISBN: 9780826127464 
pISBN: 9780826127457 
Dewey Decimal Number: 613.7/92 
OCLC Number: 646782913 

Subjects: Relaxation.   Meditation.   Attention.(Amparo Bayless)

Original Creation: 

                                                                                                                                                                      (Amparo Bayless)


Meditation Module PowerPoint autosaved.ppt

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin. (October 11, 2013) Meditation [Power Point slides]. Retrieved from

The power point presentation explains what meditation is, and provides guidelines to learn how to meditate. The presentation also incorporates mindfulness which is practiced along meditation. (Amparo Bayless)

Summary Application for Meditation practice: 

Summary Application Meditation.docx
                 Enjoy! (Cori Pomroy)

Practice Summary Applications Meditation.docx

( Heather Shaffer)

Summary of Meditation Practice: 

The consistent practice of meditation can have several life changing results, which we have studied in this class, and I am sure there are many more applications we did not have time to touch on. I have found meditating a relaxing technique that helps me unwind from a long day and as a tool to search within and center myself. I will continue with this practice and encourage those closest to me, such as my family and friends, to give it a try with an open mind. The most affected aspect that meditation has helped me with is controlling my stress levels. It makes me eager to begin the school year and test out how much I have truly learned from this experience and what I need to improve on for future use.

I have also noticed that it is easier to clear my head and focus at the task at hand. I think this can affect both my personal and professional life because I find it easier to fall asleep since my mind is calm enough for me to embrace it and I am very alert during work. I can answer thought-provoking questions with ease and I do not feel as exhausted as I usually did at the end of my shifts before I began to practice meditation. If I continue with this practice, I believe I can finish these last two years of undergraduate school with relative ease and hopefully carry it through graduate school and eventually my career. (Malia Papatrefon)   



Summary of Transformational Practice Reflection Meditation.docx
(Amparo Bayless)




Comments (7)

Students said

at 1:37 pm on Jul 8, 2014

I enjoyed reviewing the wiki above on Mediation, I particularly enjoyed the descriptions and information you have posted about the books in the wiki. I also appreciated the uniform of this wiki, I hand no trouble exploring the topics. My two recommendations that I have are to add more pictures and color to this wiki. I believe that it would draw in the audience more. Overall, This wiki was very well done, great work!

Cori Pomroy

Students said

at 8:21 pm on Jul 8, 2014

I also think that the intellectual aspects are well thought and presented, however, a visual or two would help the reader feel more in the mood to want to meditate! I appreciate that you chose a book that featured the Dalai Lama, whose life's work was/is devoted to passing on the gifts of his enlightenment. The link to the book by Hee-Jin Kim allowed me to peruse each section and see if it would be a book that I would actually purchase.
Renee Dittlof

Students said

at 8:39 am on Jul 12, 2014

Great information! You have a lot of good resources and material for the reader. I also appreciated that you had a lot of information about the books, makes it easier to look up and if someone would like to buy it. As earlier comments have pointed out some color and pictures would be great in order to make it more interesting and to help the reader to see both visual and texts related to meditation. Also at the top it would be a good addition if you had some short quotes or sentences before the summary, just to let the reader glaze over what he or she will be reading about.
Great job!
Ann Caroline Hoegardh

Students said

at 2:03 pm on Jul 16, 2014

Your Wiki is very well organized, and is easy to see what each resource is about. Your resources have good information about meditation, and it really has interested me to read one of the books you suggested. I liked how you added pictures of your books; it makes it easy to find the book, and to make sure we get the right one. I think you could add one more picture that represents meditation. You did a great job so far, looking forward to your final Wiki.
Nicole Ocariza

Students said

at 10:17 pm on Jul 16, 2014

Good job, well organized, and great information! I would like to see a photo and maybe a quote up top. Or even lead with a video to catch your reader into the mindset of meditation. Then flow the information into ending with the hard facts about it. That could be cool. Pictures all over the place would definitely be wonderful on this particular topic. I enjoyed this wiki! (Kathleen Beauregard)

Students said

at 11:02 pm on Jul 16, 2014

Nice job guys and very good information. All the material you provided were very informative and your organization was good. I really like how you provided many links to the information however some links did not go right to what you summarize. My suggestion would be to spice up your summaries a little and maybe play with fonts, colors, and pictures. For me, although you did a good job and your information was there, I felt I was reading from a peer review site. I suggest have fun developing your wiki and add personality but good job with the information.

Students said

at 6:10 pm on Jul 20, 2014

Nicely done! I like the pictures up top and then the summary that follows. It is very well organized and you have a lot of great information. I would maybe suggest adding a little more color to make it more appealing to the audience but other than that it's really good.
Matt Heisig

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